How To Start A Blog And Make Money [Comprehensive Guide-2020]

I remember the days when I used to search How to start a blog and make money on google and used to read 100s of articles related to Blogging.

Then i started learning all the basics and advanced techniques related to :

How to Start a blog and make Money online?

How to write great SEO optimized content ?

How to do search engine optimization?

How to monetize your blogs with different monetization methods ?

How to do keyword research?

And many more topics related to Blogging.

So, Lets get started…

How To Start A Blog And Make Money. 

The first and the most important thing is your – NICHE. 

So, we will start learning about the niches first and then we will jump into the process of setting up the blog and later we will talk about the monetization part.

What is a niche?

A niche is the general topic about which you will be writing your Content.

For Example – Blogging. So my Blog ( is based on (Blogging Niche).

In this blog, I write about everything related to Blogging, How to maintain a blog, How to write an article for your Blog, How to manage your Blog, etc.

I hope now you have a clear idea about what is a Niche.

One more thing i would like to tell you is: 

There are Four types of niches.

Niche – Smart-Phones.

Sub-Niche – Android Smart-phones.

Micro-Niche – Samsung Smart-Phones.

Micro-Micro Niche – Samsung smart-phones with 6-inch mobile screen. 

Which Niche You Should Choose ??

If you don’t have a team and only you are going to work on your Blog, then you should choose a Sub-Niche or Micro-Niche or Micro-Micro Niche.

Because you will be able to focus on one area and write better Content.

And Google loves websites that are focused on a particular Niche and publishing better and in-depth Content.Google always prefers Quality Content over Quantity of Content

( Being a big fish in a small pond is better, than Being a small fish in a Big Pond) 

So, now you know in which Niche you are going to make your Blog.

But to start a blog, you need to have two things:-

1.Purchase a Domain Name. 

2.Purchase a Hosting account.

What is a Domain Name ? and How to Choose One? 

Domain name is a Name of your website. 

A domain name is the ( Address ) of your website.

Domain name is what people will use to find your website on search engines.

People will type your Domain name is a URL BAR to visit your website.

For Example -( is a Domain name of their website, and if you want to go to wordpress – you will type ( ) is the Url bar to visit that website. 

Are you getting the point? Great.

Now let’s see How to choose a domain name.

How to choose a domain name?

Choosing a Domain Name is essential because It will be your first Impression users will see.

It will be your website’s identity. People will identify your website from your domain name. 

So choosing a catchy, short, and relevant domain name is very important. 

Here are some things you should keep in mind before choosing a domain name.

1.Choose a short domain name. 

Choosing a short domain name is better, and in one research, it is found that an ideal domain should be approximately 12 characters, So aim for 6 – 14 characters. 

My own domain – is 16 characters ( But it is easy to remember and type and a very low chance of misspelling ) Because it contains a simple and small sentence people can remember. 

You should do the same. Choose a domain name of 6-14 characters; it should be easy to remember and have a little chance of misspelling.

2.Try using your “Niche “keyword in your domain name. 

Adding your niche keyword can be helpful in your ranking. 

Let me explain – Using your niche keyword can be helpful for your ranking, But not because it is helpful in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

 But it will help you in relevancy factors.

It helps the crawler to know about your Blog’s Niche.

3.Never use numbers or hyphens.

Why should you never use hyphens or numbers or any other symbols in your domain name?

Because It will make it harder for the user to remember your domain name and there will be higher chances of misspelling.

It does not look natural to the eyes, Look at ( Theart#ofblogging$.com) and now look at ( see how much difference it makes. 

So, choose a domain name that is simple, short, and easy to pronounce. 

Exact Match Domain

You can choose an exact match domain, If you want to start a Micro-Niche Blog.

An exact match is simple a domain name which contains your exact keyword.

Example- If You want to start a blog on – how to start a blog and make money.

Then your EMD (Exact Match Domain) should be (or any other extensions)

What is Hosting? How to select a hosting provider?

Web-Hosting ( in simple terms) is the service of providing storage space for your website on a server on the internet. 

Because your BlogBlog needs a space to store its data, hosting providers help you save your website on their servers.

And people can connect to your website through their smartphones or laptops connected to the internet.

It’s that simple, but it is crucial to choose the right web hosting provider. Let me help you again 🙂

These are some things you should check before buying a web-hosting.

1. Uptime 

It is essential, and believe me when I say “Most Important” because it is necessary to check if they guarantee an uptime of at least 99% uptime.

Uptime can affect your site’s ranking because google doesn’t want to send customers to websites with Downtime issues.

2. Support 

You should always look for 24×7 help and do they have trained personnel to assist you. 

Because you will never want to sit with a problem you are facing and have to wait for working hours.

 Always look for 24×7 support web-hosting providers.

3.Customer’s Review

It is vital to check what customers are saying about web-hosting services because companies can advertise and tell lots of good things about their service.

But customers never lie, that is why it is essential to check what customers are speaking about the service, do they like their service or are they complaining about something.

If You would ask me which web-hosting provider you should choose.

I would say ( and ( ) because I have used both hostings, and I liked their Uptime, and 24×7 support is excellent, and all the problems have been solved within 30mins.

You should go with any of the above. I trust both of Siteground and Bluehost.

How To Create A Blog Using WordPress

After you have purchased Web Hosting, from or 

Both web-hosting provides one-click wordpress installation ( FREE ).

After installing wordpress, we have to design our BlogBlog, and we will do this by using wordpress themes.

1. Open your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go-to Appearance.

3. Click on Themes.

4. Search for – ( Generate Press Theme ).

5. Install the theme.

6. Click on activate.

Now your theme will be installed, and now you can customize it according to your like.

I recommended Generate Press because it is very popular and many bloggers use this theme on their blogs because the theme is very lightweight and coded clearly.

Because it is lightweight, it helps in faster page loading speed, and it is also effortless to customize.

Generate press theme is also very responsive and mobile-friendly. A responsive theme is crucial, around 80% of traffic is coming from Mobile Devices. 

So Google wants bloggers to have mobile-friendly pages on their blogs and website.

Generate Press theme is free, But to get alot more customization features, you can get the premium version, and it is very cheap, and i recommend you to get the premium version.

Now your BlogBlog is up and running, and you now have to write. 

But before writing your first BlogBlog, there are some plugins you need to install, which will help you in search engine optimization.

It improves your website’s loading speed, compresses images in your Blogs, and you need to install some social share plugins so that users can share your blog posts with just one click. 

Seven Most Important Plugins To Install On Your WordPress

1. Yoast Seo

You want more readers to come to your Blog Because the more traffic you get, the more chances of converting them into potential customers.

Yoast-Seo Plugin helps you in doing On-Page Seo, and this helps the search engine to find what’s your blog is all about and then to rank you higher on search results.

2. Table of content plus

This is a plugin that helps you make the table of Content on your Blog in no time. It automatically fetches the data from your Blog and makes a table of Content for you.

You just have to install this plugin and activate it. It also gives you some option to customize how your table of Content should look etc.

3. W3 total cache

W3 total cache helps improve the site’s performance and improve site loading speed. It also helps in improving the user’s experience by speed page loading time.

It is one of the best plugins you need to have on your WordPress blog.

4. WP auto terms

Wp auto terms is an awesome plugin which saves a lot of your time by helping you create all the legal pages needed for your website.

It enables you to create Privacy Policy Page, Terms and condition page, Disclaimer page, etc.

5. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a plugin which is very much helpful in creating a contact us page, it’s a must for every website and Blog to have a contact us page, and you should have a contact us page.

Contact form 7 is straightforward to set up, and you can just install the plugin and activate it. 

6. WPTC- WordPress Time Capsule

It is a plugin that helps in taking backup for your Blog. It is an incremental automated backup plugin.

7. Smush

Smush is a plugin which is essential because it helps you compress the images on your Blog.

Hence improving the performance of your Blog by reducing image size and also helps in SEO because of the page loading speed.

8. SOGO Add script header footer

SOGO add script header footer is a plugin that helps you add javascript on your header and footer with ease.

You don’t have to know about programming. 

How to write a Blog Post? 

Remember “Content is king”.

You know many people who want to start blogging or have just started blogging focus too much on stuff like ( Search Engine Optimization ) ( Link Building ) ( Designing Their Blog) 

( Promoting Their Blog ) these things are essential, but the most important thing is Content.

During your initial 3-4 months, your only focus should be to create good quality and in-depth Content, and your Content should be so good that the user should love it and becomes your returning visitor.

When you solve someone’s doubt or answer their questions, they will remember your name.

And when they will need a solution next time related to your Niche, they will type in your domain name and visit directly to your Blog.

Because your Content helped them and now they trust you.

After writing your first article you should always do (ON-Page SEO ).

Also Read : How to do On- Page SEO for your content?

Yoast seo plugin will help you in this, after you have written your article, scroll down below and you will see the Yoast Seo plugin and from there you can edit your Snippet, Title, Url, meta description.

Also you will get many tips from Yoast-Seo plugin and when you apply all the things Yoast-seo plugin suggested.

Your Seo score sign will turn to (GREEN) which means you have a done a great job on your ON-Page Seo.

And you should also add Images to your blog post to make it more engaging, and visuals helps to keep users engaged for longer on your blogs.

And also helps you to provide more information to your users through Charts, Info-graphs, Comparision chart etc.

Always try to help your users in everyway possible. This is the golden rule to be successful.

How to make money form your Blog?

Yes you can make money from your blog but the things you should keep in mind is, Earning money from Blogging is a time taking process and you need to have patience.

But it will be worth it.

I have already written an article on – How To Earn Money Online? 

You can read that article also in which I have written about 5 ways to earn money online, I recommend you to read that article.

Why you need Patience for Blogging ?

When you start a blog and write articles, Your blog will not start to rank on search results during the first 3-6 months.

Google bots crawl billions of web pages daily and google takes a new website through a lot of tests before giving you a stable ranking and traffic, this period is known as Google Sandbox Period.  

During Google Sandbox Period, when you look at your Google Analytics account you will see that your graph will show a huge rise and sometimes a Huge downfall. Your rankings will not be stable. But after 3-6 months slowly the traffic on your website will be stable and your blog will start to rank higher on searches.

Patience is important, after writing articles you should start focusing on optimizing your website speed, internal linking, and also promoting your Blog.

3 popular ways to monetize a blog 

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the easiest methods to earn money because once you get AdSense approval you just have to paste the ( Google ads code) on the header section, footer section, sidebars, or in between articles.

It totally depends on you, how many ads you want to show and where on your website you want to place ads. Remember too many ads can irritate readers and if they get annoyed by too many ads, chances are they will not come back on your website to read articles.

So, you always have to give your readers the best experience when they come to your Blog.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the most popular methods to earn money online. If you want to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, there are many ways to do it.

You have to write product reviews and paste your affiliate links on your post. You can write a comparison between two products and you can use affiliate links for both the products.

When a reader will click on your link, the user will land on the product’s website and if a reader buys any product using that link. You will get a hefty commission.

Read : How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing [ Complete Guide – 2020 ]

Selling your own product or Services

Selling your own product or services on your own Blog can also be a great way to earn money from your Blog.

You can create E-books, Guides, courses, or any physical products related to your niche which will help your audience solve their problems.

Once you find what your audience needs. Then you can simply create a product or service for them. 


Hope this Guide – How to start a blog and make money [ Comprehensive Guide – 2020] helped you.

One thing I want to tell you is

Starting a blog is easy but the hard thing is to be consistent.

You can start a blog in just one day, But you have to put on Quality content on a regular basis.

You have to be patient and it will be worth it, But first 3-6 months you just have to create great quality content that will help your readers.

Starting and taking action is the first step to your blogging success.

So, don’t wait buy a Domain name, Buy a Hosting and get started as soon as possible.

And if you have any doubts or queries, feel free to ask them in the comment box, I will be more than happy to help you out.


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