How To Earn Money Online [Comprehensive Guide for 2020]

Hey, so you have been searching for ways on How To Earn Money Online, and then you have landed in the best place to get your answer.

Here I will show you the exact ways I used to Earn Money Online, and that was too working part-time as I was a college student.

Now let’s dive into the different ways to Earn Money Online.

1.Earn Money From Blogging Online

Blogging is one of the best platforms to share your knowledge about the things you are passionate about by writing about it, and at the same time, you can monetize your blog and start making money from your blog.

Blogging is easy to start, and you can start a blog in minimal investment. 

You have to invest in 2 things : 

  1. Domain Name (Godaddy, Namecheap)
  2. Hosting. (Bluehost, Siteground)

After Buying a Domain name and Hosting Plan, You will have to install WordPress on your blog. 

You can install wordpress for free from your hosting account provider, and once you have installed wordpress – It will take less than 30mins to design your website and start posting the article in it.

You don’t have to have any knowledge about programming, WordPress will take care of everything thats why so many people use wordpress platform for blogging.

It’s easy, and you will get millions of themes to use on your blogs for free. You can design your blog as you like.

2.Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is also a trendy way to Make Money online, and almost all bloggers use this method on their blogs to earn a decent amount of money just by promoting other people’s products on thier blog.

There are many ways you can earn money online from affiliate marketing.

1. The most popular way is to use the affiliate links on your blogs to generate leads, and when someone purchases the Product or service that you have promoted on your blog,

You will get commissions for every sale made through your affiliate link.

You must be thinking about How to generate affiliate links

It is straightforward, you have to go to the website of the Product or service that you want to promote, and you will find a page ( Become an Affiliate ). 

Then you will have to sign-up for the affiliate program, and you will be able to generate affiliate links for your blogs.

Affiliate programs are entirely free to sign-up.

2. You can also do affiliate marketing even if you don’t have a blog, for this, you will have to have a niche-targeted Facebook Page Or Instagram Page.

Also, promote your affiliate links on your Facebook page or Instagram page, and when someone makes a purchase, you will get a commission.

Use FB ads and Instagram Ads to promote your post and generate more leads through that post for your affiliate product you are promoting.

3.Become a Freelancer

If you have any skills like – Video Editing, Photoshop, Programming, Writing Content, Animation. Then you can work as a freelancer and earn money online.

Freelancer – Freelancer is one profession that would give you the freedom to work from home for your clients.

You can choose and pick any projects from freelancing sites and then complete that project and submit it to the client, and after the client reviews that project and approve the project, you will get paid.

You can earn a decent amount of Money from freelancing

 Some Freelancing Websites are – (,

Even in the starting, you will get $5 per hour, and as soon as you start to get some 5-star ratings on your profile, you will be able to charge as much as you want.

Some people charge $100-$200 for some projects, and clients are willing to pay because they want to get their work done as fast as possible.

But first, you have to create a strong profile for You on the freelance website and get 5-star ratings for your profile and some good genuine reviews. Never try to buy Fake Ratings and Reviews.

4.Earn Money From Youtube 

Youtube is an American video-sharing website that lets people upload, view, and share videos. 

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google and Youtube have 2 Billion users worldwide.

You can start a youtube channel without any investment and create content you are passionate about and earn money while you sleep.

Just like blogging, you can create content and start getting traffic. And once your channel starts getting visitors you can use many different monetization channels to earn money from youtube.  

There are many different ways to monetize a Youtube channel.

1. Youtube Ads

You must have seen an advertisement plays at the starting of the video. That is called youtube ads, and you can earn money from youtube ads. 

For that, you have to sign up for a Google Adsense account. And after signing up, you will get a code, and you have to copy-paste that code on your youtube channel. Youtube will start showing ads on your videos as well.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You can also use affiliate marketing on your youtube channel. All you have to do to get the affiliate link for the products you want to promote. And add that link in the description box.

When your audience purchases any of the Product from your Affiliate Link, you will get a commission.

3. Sponsored Posts / Sponsorship

To get sponsorships. First, you have to grow your youtube channel to a few thousand subscribers like 5-10k subscribers.

Once you get around 5-10k subscribers. Many companies will start to reach out to you via emails to promote their Product, and believe me; they pay a tremendous amount of money.

But it depends on the number of subscribers and the niche you are targeting.

4.Promoting your Product

You can also promote your products or services through your Youtube channel.

  • For cooking channel, You can create an ebook about all the recipes and promote it to your audience. 
  • For an Education channel, you can create an E-book about the important notes about your subject.

There are hundreds of ways to create and promote your products on youtube and make millions.

5.Earn Money Selling Your Product 

You can create and sell your products online by making your E-commerce store, or you can already use already established E-commerce stores like( Amazon, Flipkart, and Udemy) to sell your Products.

Some examples of what products you can create and sell Online:

1. Ebooks – You can create an ebook about a topic you know about, and you can then sell it to online platforms like – Amazon Kindle Store.

2.DIY Products – You can also sell Handicrafts or Diy Products like Candles, Home DecorsWall arts, etc. on E-commerce stores like – Amazon and Flipkart.

3. Courses – You can also create a course about which you can teach people like you can teach them Programming, Video-Editing, Cooking, etc.

There are many more ways to Earn Money Online, But i have just posted five methods which are Legal, and if you work on any of these, you will surely make money online.

I didn’t want to write about the ways in which you have to click on ads and make some penny. 

I just wanted to include the ways in which if you work with patience and discipline, and you will start making a good amount of money online. 


Now that you know how to earn money online, the next step is to take action. 

Please choose the one from above and start working on it. 

You have to keep three things in mind to get sucess :

  1. Patient
  2. Consistency
  3. Be Yourself 

All the best, and i hope this article about How to earn money online has helped you in some ways. 

For any questions, please comment below 🙂 have a beautiful day ^_^

How To Earn Money Online - Guide for  [ 2020 ]
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How To Earn Money Online - Guide for [ 2020 ]
Learn How to make money online - These Five easy ways will help you make money online working from home and also help you to quit your 9-5 job.
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